About BITS

Our Focus

We’re 100% focused on financial institutions and understand your business, as well as
your application needs.

Our Impact

BITS has been in business for
15 years, and we currently provide service to over
17,000 end users.

Our Flexibility

Our solutions can be tailored
to the specific and
unique requirements
of your financial institution.

Our Network

We follow industry standards for best practices on maintaining and
operating our network.

In today’s digital world, the banking industry is rapidly changing and financial institutions need to adapt. Compliance is costly, and cyber security threats are constantly evolving. And with increased demand for more online and mobile technologies, your bank needs more than just a dial tone to provide great customer service.

At BITS, we provide solutions that will help your team optimize and secure your digital environment and free you to do what you do best – service your customers! Through strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Cisco and SecureWorks, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for voice, collaboration, networking, and security for community financial institutions, specifically developed to simplify banks’ technical, operational, and regulatory requirements. Our services provide cost savings, unmatched efficiency, risk reduction, streamlined solutions, and peerless, always-on customer support.

BITS is owned by the Atlantic Community Bankers Bank and our board is made up of community bank CEOs, so we have the insight needed to understand and address challenges facing community financial institutions. BITS is Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II Compliant and endorsed by multiple Bankers Banks and State Banking Associations.

BITS Leadership