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ConnectedNow is BITS’ new Webex series to keep you updated on the latest things happening at BITS - including exciting news and releases, product updates, and more.
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Other Upcoming BITS Webex Meetings:

Join BITS and Kevin Gemmell, BITS Security Services Manager, for a new webinar series that will further explain the SHIELD Security Platform. Elements of SHIELD: How a Layered Approach Best Defends Your Bank will be a five-part monthly Webex series. Join us for these 30-minute (or less!) sessions by registering at the links below.

Thursday, June 25 at 3pm: Edge
Thursday, July 23 at 3pm: Endpoint
Thursday, August 27 at 3pm: Cloud
Thursday, September 24 at 3pm: Portal
Thursday, October 15 at 3pm: Advisory & Extras

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ConnectedLive 2020: The Show Goes On!

October 20-22, 2020

at The Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA!

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We’re committed to making ConnectedLive a successful event – with quality speakers, informative presentations, and relevant sessions for you. We all hope that travel restrictions will be lifted or lessened by October – and that our country will be healthy – but we also want to be realistic. This year’s theme is The Show Goes On…because our show – and your show – doesn’t stop during a pandemic. Your services are essential and extremely important to the communities you serve.

This year’s event will address just that – and the ways we can help you best serve your customers even when branches are closed and call center employees are working remotely. In addition to topics on current trends and new product features, we plan to cover topics like the best way to serve and communicate with customers even when they can’t physically walk into your branches; cultural shifts towards remote work; and how to ensure that your security practices protect your employees and your bank even when working outside of your location.

The Show Goes On – and so will ConnectedLive. We’ll continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation and decide in August whether the event will be at the historic Hotel Hershey as planned, a virtual event, or a combination of the two, and we'll announce attendee costs then. You don't need to decide today….none of us know what will happen. But, we encourage you to register now, and when we get closer, we'll determine if we’ll be able to hold the event in Hershey and let you know so you can make travel plans. Your safety is our priority.
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