Key Terminology

BITS Consulting Services

  • Communication Infrastructure Assessment
    • The objective of the Communications Infrastructure Assessment is to furnish executive management with an independent assessment of the financial, technical, and regulatory (FFIEC/FDIC) aspects of your communications infrastructure. This includes voice/data circuits/security/routing/switching.
  • Design & Engineering
    • BITS can provide bank’s with voice and data network design consulting and strategic planning. With more than 10 years’ experience in reviewing more than 500 banks’ network topology and designs, we can help you design a solution that fit your needs.

Internet & Security Services

We understand that security has a wide spectrum, touching every aspect of technology and network infrastructure. Our goal is to help customers build a layered security architecture, starting with our centralized and high availability internet defense solutions. Partnering with Dell SecureWorks, we provide around the clock protection, monitoring, and analysis of critical firewall and intrusion detection/prevention systems

Wireless Solutions

With the growing “Bring Your Own Device” movement, and the professional usability of mobile devices, many of your guests and employees are looking for internet access everywhere they go. Given that this is a fairly recent development, regulatory concerns for guest Internet access are constantly under debate. All regulators do, however, agree on one thing: that a guest’s access to the Internet should be separate from the bank’s corporate network environment.

To address these needs, BITS has developed a solution that is fully managed and logically separates the networks within the branch. Managed Wireless Guest Access offers guests and employees easy access to the Internet, while simultaneously ensuring protection for your bank’s internal network environment.

Wide Area Network & Telcom

Our network architecture provides connectivity options for primary and secondary circuits to your office/branch locations. Using leading telecommunications providers and technologies, we can deliver both private and virtual private network solutions to any location. Offerings range from MPLS, Point-to-Point, Private Ethernet, and broadband service connections. With two (or more) connections to a location, we offer a fully dynamic and automatic failover solutions, helping customer mitigate network downtime.

Hosted Unified Communications & Collaboration

While some banks settle with “dial tone and a phone system”, BITS customers understand banks need a more strategic approach to providing high quality customer support. With less customer traffic at branches, banks still need to maintain personalized customer service. BITS has customized a complete communication and collaboration platform based on the unique requirements of the community financial services industry. We are here to help our customers maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing their customers with state of the art banking services.

With a Cisco powered hosted phone solution and carrier level voice connections residing in both BITS Datacenters, there is no need for capital intense phone systems and expensive phone lines at any of your locations.

We offer a complete communication platform which ensures the highest quality voice, a scalable and customizable design, feature rich options, an enterprise class phone system, and voice circuit redundancy. With a solid infrastructure in place, your employees can communicate with ease and your customers will get the phone support they deserve.

Service Installation

The BITS team has experience in deploying over 175 community banks with more than 100 locations. We manage the installation from start to finish.

As part of the kick off meeting with our clients, we prepare an implementation schedule which defines all aspects of implementation from ordering and provisioning of circuits, site assessments, design review, voice system design, ordering equipment to the final turn up of a location.

During all stages of the project BITS will provide a project manager who is responsible for managing the full implementation process. They will be responsible for all aspects of the project management with vendors, carriers, and partners and within BITS to coordinate and ensure all milestones are met.

Managed Services

It can be frustrating and time consuming trying to resolve voice and data related outages or complex issues when relying on multiple service providers. Finger pointing and coordination between vendors and carriers is far too common a result when trying to escalate critical problems.

BITS offers the ideal support for our customers. We provide a single point of contact for all your voice and data communication support including circuits, hardware, and connectivity. Having a single point of contact prevents any confusion of who to call when experiencing a problem. BITS owns any voice/data/Internet/hardware/circuit communications related problem related to our services until it’s resolved. The buck stops here, period.

By using BITS managed network service you are free to focus on managing your business rather than managing your technology.

Business Continuity

Our network and services are designed to provide full network redundancy and automatic failover to ensure optimal business continuity and service availability. With voice and collaboration services fully dependent on the underlying network, the ability to provide high availability is crucial. We don’t just stop at the network either. The BITS Voice and Collaboration solution is designed to provide a fully dynamic failover no matter what component of the solutions is impacted.

With always-on datacenters, located in geographically diverse locations, we centralize the management and monitoring of all services, while providing customers with the foundation for redundant voice, data, and Internet connectivity. To test this, we perform annual datacenter and service availability testing, with these reports provided to customers, and we encourage our clients to schedule individual testing with our Customer Service Center.