Network & Connectivity

Your network lays the foundation for the communication, collaboration, and applications it takes to run your business. Why try to design, manage, and secure it on your own? Let an expert like BITS handle it for you - so you can focus on being a bank.

Our network solution is completely managed and provides everything a financial institution needs to create a strong, resilient network. Through service connection offerings ranging from MPLS to broadband, we provide secure transmission of data, voice, and internet traffic between your locations over an encrypted network.

Regulatory Scrutiny

We act as the aggregation point to ISPs, telcom providers, network carriers, Core Processors, and ATM providers through a secure and redundant connection.

Highly Secure

We provide a layered approach to security with around-the-clock monitoring of firewall and intrusion detection/prevention systems and customizable, cloud-based URL and content filtering.

Highly Available

Our data centers are always-on and located in geographically diverse locations to ensure full network redundancy and automatic failover.

Single Point-of-Contact

We provide our customers with a single point-of-contact for invoices, outages, and escalation if problems arise.

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Before making any network decisions, reach out to us first. At BITS, we don’t only speak technology, we speak banking. Let’s discuss how we can provide a solid network infrastructure for your financial institution.

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