Why BITS & ProfitStars?


As a partner of choice for ProfitStars since 2018, BITS's Cisco Hosted Voice over IP and Collaboration solution was created exclusively for financial institutions to seamlessly integrate with the ProfitStars HNS network.

BITS offers a complete range of features to support the needs of your branch, operations, and customer service teams, all hosted in our secure datacenter environment – and available to your staff no matter where they work.

BITS's Hosted Voice solution – especially when paired with ProfitStars – can help you:

Shred Costs
Our services are cloud-based and enable you to lower costs related to your phone system and communications infrastructure. We also add dedicated and certified voice engineers to your IT team, without the costs of hiring additional employees.
Cut Cords
With BITS, you can now leverage your existing HNS circuits for voice connectivity through our hosted access to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). With redundant network connectivity to the HNS Network, we offer secure voice routing redundancy from each client location and options for backup connectivity over local broadband services, eliminating the need for POTS and PRI lines for your phones.
Slice Vendors
We enable you to consolidate your phone company, consultants, and carrier to create a more reliable service and predictable monthly expense, which will enable your IT team to focus on strategy, not vendor management.
Trim Complexity
Our single-vendor and hosted solutions move the complexity of creating and maintaining a best-in-class infrastructure from banks to BITS. BITS has highly certified Cisco voice engineers on staff that will support your state-of-the-art VoIP solution.
Shear Risk
We are a bank cooperative owned by 400 community banks, and we’ve been in business and dedicated to the banking industry for almost 15 years. Our solutions are built to meet your specific technical and regulatory requirements and we don’t cut corners on lowering your bank’s risk.

Why Trust BITS?

Our Understanding

BITS is owned by the Atlantic Community Bankers Bank (ACBB) and our board is made up of community bank CEOs, giving us the insight needed to understand community financial institutions.
Our Impact

We have 15 years of experience and manage almost 17K phones, in over 1000 locations, and we understand your unique voice and collaboration requirements.
Our Security

Our services are SOC 2 Type II compliant, meeting the security, business continuity, and disaster recovery requirements of the financial services industry.
Our Partnership

Our partnership with ProfitStars was formed to improve our mutual customers’ experiences, while reducing the cost and complexity your voice and network connectivity.

BITS recently presented to ProfitStars customers to learn more about our hosted voice and contact center solutions that are specifically designed for financial institutions like yours. Owned and operated by a bank cooperative, BITS has 15 years of experience serving more than 100 banks, and our complete range of features allows your financial institution to deliver engaging customer experiences wherever your customer or teams are located.

During the webinar, we discussed our private, integrated connection between the HNS network and BITS, providing you with a high-quality voice solution over an end-to-end secure network. Your bank or credit union will have the ability to disconnect all your existing phone circuits while avoiding the need to buy and maintain an “on-prem” phone system. Your phone calls will be routed the same way as your HNS traffic, benefitting from the same redundancy and security as your current HNS services.


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