Complete Solution

Our all-in-one, next generation telecommunications platform provides community financial institutions with significant savings, unmatched efficiency, simplified compliance, and peerless, always-on customer support.

What is our complete solution?

Our complete solution combines our Voice (phone), collaboration and network solution to develop the most comprehensive service offering tailored to community financial institutions (community banks and credit unions).

The BITS Complete Solution enables efficient communications and collaboration by providing:

  • One contract for all services, simplifying vendor management and compliance oversight.
  • Single flat fee invoice for all voice and data services.
  • Secure managed network for branch and office connectivity.
  • One vendor to contact for resolution of all voice, network, and security related issues.
  • The highest quality voice, over our private and trusted network.
  • Remote connectivity solutions.
  • Centralized Network Security protection and optimized internet access.
  • Centralized connectivity to core processors and other service providers.

Our entire solution is delivered with built-in security and redundancy from the branch location to the BITS Datacenter, with around-the-clock monitoring.

Additionally, through our convenient long-term contracts all software and hardware upgrades costs are included; normally a significant cost to your financial institution.

Get back to focusing on what matters most

Through leveraging a trusted partner like BITS and outsourcing non-bank related functions, your financial institution can focus on its core business and let an industry expert worry about keeping your network up and running at all times.

By transferring the day-to-day management and responsibility of your voice and data network, your institution will gain the strategic advantage of improved operations as well as an efficient means to grow without the added burden of increased capital expense.

BITS customers are benefiting from the latest innovations in technology, all at a fraction of the cost to build a solution on their own.

Security is our number one priority

Protecting your financial institution from malicious attacks continues to be a growing concern. With threats and attacks coming in all directions, your financial institution needs an extensive layered security approach.

We understand that security has a wide spectrum, touching every aspect of technology and network infrastructure. Our goal is to help customer build a layered security architecture, starting with our centralized and high availability internet defense solutions. Partnering with Dell SecureWorks, we provide around the clock protection, monitoring, and analysis of critical firewall and intrusion detection/prevention systems. This information is available to customers via dashboards and reports, through the Dell SecureWorks and MyBITS Community (portal).

And, we don’t stop there. Through other strategic partnerships, BITS provides customized cloud based solutions to provide more protection from growing web and application based threats with Cloud Based Web Security, also known as URL/Content filtering. This solution is customizable to your institution’s policies, and managed by the customer.

Reduced Risk

Financial institutions continue to face an increasing number of complex regulatory mandates. Preparing for an internal audit or IT exam, performing risk assessments, and assuring compliance with increasing regulatory guidelines, requires significant time and resources. Failure to properly manage and maintain your financial institutions telecommunications network could impact your ability to assure Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Customer Privacy.

The BITS Complete Solution allows financial institutions to improve regulatory compliance by limiting the number of vendors, and potential exposure associated with critical network management, voice over IP solutions, data transport and network security.

BITS simplifies compliance by centralizing firewalls and intrusion monitoring systems, enhancing network security, replacing legacy branch (WAN) communications (Frame Relay, Point-to- Point, or other types of broadband connections), removing unnecessary network components, and eliminating antiquated standalone phone systems. Our next generation network is specifically engineered to not compromise network redundancy, performance, or security.

To help our customers with audit preparations we provide security and audit certifications, network diagrams, and product descriptions which decrease internal work efforts required for proper vendor management practices, via our MyBITS Community, absolutely FREE of charge.

Streamlined Efficiency

Until BITS was established, financial institutions have been forced to deal with multiple service providers for:

  • Voice circuits
  • Core processing circuits
  • ATM circuits
  • Data circuits to connect branches together
  • Internet circuits
  • Voice hardware vendors
  • Data Network vendors
  • Network security companies (IDS/Firewall)
  • Support & maintenance companies

Multiple vendors tie up internal resources, create inefficiencies, drive up costs, and generate finger pointing when something goes wrong.

BITS understands, time is money. We consolidate all these services by providing a proven all-in- one solution designed specifically for community financial institutions, allowing you and your staff to get back to focusing on your customers and being a bank.

Helping Your Business Grow

BITS provides the most scalable solution for any community financial institution, removing the burden and cost of adding resources to expand “piecemeal”. BITS removes technology barriers and their associated capital costs, as we operate a hosted and managed platform. Since there are no ‘bank-owned’ infrastructure limitations, costs to expand are low.

Unmatched Availability of Five 9’s Uptime (99.999%)

Our network and services are designed to provide full network redundancy and automatic failover to ensure optimal business continuity and service availability. With voice and collaboration services fully dependent on the underlying network, the ability to provide high availability is crucial. We don’t just stop at the network either. The BITS Voice and Collaboration solution is designed to provide a fully dynamic failover no matter what component of the solutions is impacted.

With always-on datacenters, located in geographically diverse locations, we centralize the management and monitoring of all services, while providing customers with the foundation for redundant voice, data, and Internet connectivity. To test this, we perform annual datacenter and service availability testing, with these reports provided to customers, and we encourage our clients to schedule individual testing with our Customer Service Center.

Round the clock support

It can be frustrating and time consuming trying to resolve voice and data related outages or complex issues when relying on multiple service providers. Finger pointing and coordination between vendors and carriers is far too common a result when trying to escalate critical problems.

BITS offers the ideal support for our customers. We provide a single point of contact for all your voice and data communication support including circuits, hardware, and connectivity. Having a single point of contact prevents any confusion of who to call when experiencing a problem. BITS owns any voice/data/Internet/hardware/circuit communications related problem related to our services until it’s resolved. The buck stops here, period.

BITS offers world class support by providing our customers with qualified and trusted engineers that can solve the majority of issues on a first call basis. Our support engineers are more than qualified technicians as they understand our customers related issues better than any other “telco-support” out there.

We support your network so you can support your customers. By using BITS managed network service you are free to focus on managing your business rather than managing your technology.

Service Matrix

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BITS Consulting Service
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BITS CompleteVoice & CollaborationNetwork
Communication Infrastructure Assesment
Network Design & Engineering
Voice Design & Engineering
Internet & Security Services
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BITS CompleteVoice & CollaborationNetwork
Internet Access
Advanced Centeralized Firewall (Fully Redundant)
Advanced Centeralized Intrusion Detection/Prevention (Fully Redundant)
Security Portal for realtime monitoring and reports
Web Content Filtering
Remote Access VPN
Wireless Solutions
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BITS CompleteVoice & CollaborationNetwork
Bank Wireless Network Access
Guestnet Wireless Internet Access
Wide Area Network & Telecom
See Details
BITS CompleteVoice & CollaborationNetwork
WAN & Telecom Technology
POTS (Emergency, Fax, Analog)
Centralized PSTN Access via SIP
800 Service
WAN Access Medium
Traditional Copper (TDM)
Coax Cable
BYON - Bring Your Own Network
Hosted Unified Communications & Collaboration
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BITS CompleteVoice & CollaborationNetwork
Hosted Cisco Unified Communications Platform
Communications Manager
Unity Voicemail
Contact Center
Fully redundant platforms hosted in each BITS Datacenter
Standardized Dial Plan
Call Transfer between branches
Voice Mail
Unified Messaging (voicemail/e-mail integration)
Single Number Reach
Operator Console
Ad-hoc Conferencing
Unlimited Call Paths (no "all circuits busy")
Unlimited Local & Long Distance Included
Auto attendent
Music on hold
Fax Solution Options
Custom call routing
Native queuing
Corporate Directory
Hosted Call Recording
Call Analytics - Reports
Customized Phone Display - Your Logo
Contact Center - Call Center Platform
Skills-Based routing
Agent Desktop application w/ phone Integration
Supervisor Desktop application w/ phone Integration
Supervisor agent-resource management tools
Call Menu
Custom Queuing
Wallboard - real-time Queue Status
Custom Reports
Cisco Jabber
Outlook Address Book "Click-to-Call" (with Jabber Chat)
Instant Messaging (Interal)
Presence - Desktop view of collegue status (with Jabber Chat)
Cisco Webex/Spark Solutions
Video Conferencing Capabilities
Desktop Collaboration
Service Installation
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BITS CompleteVoice & CollaborationNetwork
Design & Engineering
Project Management
WAN Connecitivy Ordering and Provisioning
Voice Services Ordering and Provisioning
Voice Solution Design and Consulting
Acceptance Testing & Customer Sign-Off
Hardware Procurement
Secure Voice Gateway
Network and Voice Accessories
Customer Premise Equipment Staging and Configuration
Telephony Core
Customer Premise Equipment Installation and Activation
Telephony Core
Datacenter and Third Party Configuration
Voice Platform
Core Network
Third Party Integration
Internet and Network Security
Telephone Number Porting
End User Phone Training (Onsite)
Super User and Admin Phone Training
MyBITS Community (Portal) Training
Security Portal Training
Managed Services
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BITS CompleteVoice & CollaborationNetwork
Incident & Problem Management
Incident Monitoring
Trouble Ticket Generation
Customer Notification
Isolation & Sectionalization
Vendor Management - H/W Maintenance
Vendor Management – WAN Services
Track / Manage Outage to Closure
Service Request Management
Voice Feature - Move, Adds, Change
New Phone Setup
Network Projects
Configuration Management (Included in SOC Report)
Device OS Config Troubleshooting
Device OS Config Change Support
Change Management (Included in SOC Report)
Change Management Process
Change Tracking/Validation//Reporting
Release Management (Included in SOC Report)
Device OS Patch Management
Device OS Update Management
Customer Service Center (CSC)
Operations Service Desk (L-1 to L-4)
Operations Service Desk (L-1 to L-4)
Remote Configuration & Troubleshooting Acces
MyBITS Community (Portal)
Compliance and Vendor Management Documentation
Support Ticketing Self Service
Network Performance Reporting
Business Continuity
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BITS CompleteVoice & CollaborationNetwork
BITS Datacenters
Tier 1 Datacenter in Carrier Hotel
Backup/Mirrored Datacenter 175 miles from main
Fully Redundant systems hosted in Datacenters
Annual Datacenter & Services Failover Testing
Customer requested failover testing
Client Networks
Meshed Primary Network Connectivity
Meshed Secondary Network Connectivity
Auto-Failover between Primary & Secondary
Application Defined routing design
Small Office / Home Office design
Branch Disaster Recovery Support
Data Encryption across the network

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