Telecom Advisory Services


Our Telecommunications Advisory and Consulting Services will help negotiate your carrier contracts to get you the best solution at the best price - at no cost to you. Because we work exclusively with financial institutions and have well-established relationships with all major carriers, we understand your unique technical, operational, and compliance requirements.

For the IT professional at your institution, dealing with multiple carriers (and salespeople!) can be time consuming and take them away from projects that help your customers. Let BITS assist you with the contract and negotiation process!


Why You're Probably Paying Too Much for your Telecom Costs:

  • Over 80% of telecommunications bills contain errors
  • The carrier didn’t “disconnect” or “stop billing” on an upgrade or change – and you’re still paying for it
  • 65% of banks do not have telecom cost management plans approved at the C-level
  • Many banks pay 20-30% more than they should in telecom costs
  • If you use a telecom consultant currently, now is the time to audit their services

How BITS Telecom Advisory Services Helps:

Save You Money

Save additional costs without having to change vendors, unless we find significant savings with another carrier.

Free Up IT Resources

Allow staff to focus on delivering on business requirements, instead of negotiating with multiple vendors.

Our Experience

BITS has dealt with carriers every day for 16 years, not once every 3-5 years when contracts expire like many financial institutions.

Save Time

Leave the time-consuming process and negotiations to experienced industry professionals like us.

Telecom Management

BITS manages telecom services for over 1,000 bank branches on a monthly basis.

Single Point of Contact

Instead of dealing with multiple salesperson and companies, you’ll have a single-point-of-contact for all telecom-related items.

Access to Carrier Options

Through carrier agreements, we know what carriers to contact for quotes – including aggregators that you may not know.

Find You the Best Solution

BITS will provide an objective selection and evaluation process.

As your telecom advisor, BITS provides:

  • Cost Optimization
  • Securing Carrier Discounts
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • RFPs for Multiple Carriers
  • End-of-term Negotiations
  • Mid-term Contract Negotiations

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Wherever you are in the cycle, NOW is the right time to contact BITS to start CUTTING costs!

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