Security Connected: What is VDR?

What you’ll learn about Taegis VDR and how to reduce your risk:

- What elements drive contextual prioritization
- How the number of detected vulnerabilities should be the primary focus
- How machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to reduce false negatives and false positives
- How do organizations deal with the seemingly endless number of discovered and published vulnerabilities?

Secureworks Taegis VDR delivers contextual prioritization, automation of previously manual tasks, and a machine-learning, self-learning system. Get answers to common questions on how VDR provides the robust solution financial institutions need.

In addition to our SHIELD Security Platform, BITS now offers TAEGIS, a cloud-native platform that combines the power of human intellect with insights from security analytics to unify detection and response across endpoint, network, and cloud environments. TAEGIS allows for better outcomes and simpler security operations, and it can be implemented whether your bank uses internal firewalls or a vendor-managed firewall platform like ours. Unlike most platforms, TAEGIS deployment only takes a few hours to fully configure.

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