BITS Voice Partner Program

BITS Voice partner program offers MSPs who are providing managed router and WAN services to the financial services vertical, a robust and scalable VoIP service powered by Cisco.

By interconnecting the BITS network to yours, you can provide the BITS hosted Voice and Collaboration service to customers as an extension of your network services. The Voice service will be delivered securely across your managed network without the risk of routing calls over the open Internet.

BITS will provide access to and manage our Cisco multitenant IP Telephony infrastructure and provide all PSTN connectivity through our SIP connections; all hosted in our redundant and geographically diverse data centers. In essence, we become an extension of your product offering.

What sets us apart?

As BITS exclusively serves the financial vertical, our service offering is designed with redundancy, both at the host and customers endpoints. We have no choke points or single points of failure in our design.

We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality product with a stellar customer support team; 100% employed within the United States.

Why partner with BITS?

If you’re an MSP in the managed WAN marketplace, and you don’t have a robust voice and collaboration offering – the chances are some of your competitors do. In other words, you will soon need to provide Voice within your suite of services to keep pace with your competition. If not, you may face a competitor providing these services for your clients; putting your managed router and WAN business and/or other core services in jeopardy.

As voice is a completely different skillset to network management, few companies take on the challenge of building and hosting a VoIP platform themselves. To provide these services most MSPs decide to partner with a 3rd party voice provider.

When partnering with a VoIP provider quality and experience is paramount. Partnering with a low-end solution, exclusively utilizing the Internet for VoIP transport with no redundant connectivity options, puts your business at risk. Your NOC and helpdesk will see an increase in customers complaining about voice quality issues and will be forced to troubleshoot issues that are not related to your services. The result is unhappy clients and more of your internal resources tied up. Recommending a 3rd party solution that your customers won’t be 100% satisfied with will affect your reputation and credibility in a negative way.

At BITS, we will help you create a win-win-win by designing a high quality, scalable, and hosted Voice and Collaboration solution for your customers.

Reach out to us today to find out more about helping your customers. I look forward to hearing from you!

Christian Ericson
CMO/Head of Sales
973 474 1828